I have been working for ages now, listening to advice, learning more about “Social Media”, but lacking in output!!. This isn’t because I can not do the writing, it is more about what do I want to write about!?.

Here I have pulled all my recourses into one:

Home and garden. Money saving tips. Technology and gadgets. Interesting news. Well most homes today have all of the above, going on somewhere.

For example – A brother and sister are playing on their favorite PC, X-box, Play station… There’s Technology. Mum says, it costs me a fortune in electric!. There’s a money save. Dad comes in and (again money saving), says, “look at this lovely Basil (Gardening), I’ve saved a bit of cash!.

There are so many different versions that I could write for quite a while!!.

When I look around in my life. I use PC’s, Gadgets to do my gardening. Gadgets test soil acidity. PC plots out the garden saving me time and that is what is precious to us all, TIME and that is what I’m going to do. Save YOU, some time!.

I like to start off with one of my hobbies – SKATEBOARDING. It’s FAST! and FUN, too!. What it also can be is expensive!!. I found some cool ways to put that “razor tailed” deck to good use, as an old school style deck.

I am going to make one and post the video, template (to cut out and overlay, onto the deck), in a PDF file.







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